It’s time to share with you a project I’m excited to be starting and working on.

The idea of starting a series of photographs started when I was actively shooting live music. I wanted to create a series and maybe eventually even publish it of different shoes performers wear while on stage. Since I’ve sort of taken a break (not by my own choice) from shooting concerts, I’ve decided to start a different series and focus more on portraits. Like many I love fairytales and even moreso I love to see them come to life on the big screen. So starting now until I feel like I’m finished I’m going to be photographing a series of modern day fairytales and animated movie characters. Instead of putting out a casting on Model Mayhem or any of the other sites that people use to find talent, I’m asking my family and friends to be in the photographs. It’s my way of being able to spend time with people I care about, create new memories with them and just have a good time. So sure these photos may not end up being perfect and some may feel a bit shy in front of the camera but I’m fine with that. This is a way to show my loved ones that they’re more than they think they are.

I’ll admit that the first set in the series I did use someone off of Model Mayhem because I wasn’t sure where I wanted this series to go. But to be honest, it didn’t feel like two random strangers meeting for the first time. The energy was positive and natural and Aaron was even open to my zany ideas.

Friends, family, chosen-family, supporters and random strangers on the Internet, I thank you for listening to me ramble for a bit. Now let’s get to the good stuff.

Once upon a time……


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