A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

Now that you’ve seen what I’ve been doing with my phone, I did happen to take a few photos not too long ago with my Mark III. I’d like to share them, if you all don’t mind….which I’m sure you don’t.

I went to Sun N Fun in Florida this past spring and took some photos of planes, which is a whole new world for me. Here are a few that I’m fairly proud of:

10452946_714878741891435_1460478158303267086_o 10452869_714878881891421_3808394254388629709_o

Here comes some photos of Fat Albert, wooing the crowd before the Blue Angels take to the sky. 10321119_714878915224751_3132101060497528311_o 1795357_714878961891413_3694642422314741396_o

I also was able to take a few shots of my beloved fiance! I still can’t decide if I like the photo in color or if I like it in black and white, so you get to see both!945054_552375218141789_1436549659_n



And finally, I checked out the last of the cherry blossoms in DC. They truly are gorgeous and hopefully next year I’ll be able to see them when they’re just blooming.



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