The Protomen/Out Of The Beardspace 3.27.13 [show photos]

So roughly a year ago, I saw The Protomen at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ. Fast forward to 2013 and they were coming through to the same venue. Now despite seeing them a week prior at Santos Party House in NYC, I knew I had to go to their show in my homestate and shoot it at a venue that never lets me down when it comes to lighting, sound and food. The opener was Out Of The Beardspace, from the Philly area. Their sound wasn’t my cup of tea but were interesting to watch nonetheless. The Protomen blow me out of the water every time I see them play. Here are some photos from the show, click the photo for a larger view.

Out Of The Beardspace


NV8A2575_2 NV8A2587_2


NV8A2589_2 NV8A2605_2

The Protomen

commander NV8A2611_2 NV8A2628_2

NV8A2633_2 NV8A2679_2 NV8A2685_2 NV8A2686_2


NV8A2694_2 NV8A2696_2 NV8A2700_2

NV8A2734_2 NV8A2741_2 NV8A2779_2 NV8A2802_2 NV8A2816_2 NV8A2838_2 NV8A2852_2 NV8A2857_2 NV8A2869_2 NV8A2877_2 NV8A2896_2 NV8A2906_2 NV8A2909_2 NV8A2934_2 NV8A2949_2 NV8A2965_2 NV8A2969_2 panther turbolover1


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