First shoot of 2012.

So on Saturday I had my first shoot of 2012. Of course, it was with my wonderful best friend, muse, and test subject- Ellie. She had her first shoot behind the camera in Bergenfield and I went along with the ride to help with posing and whatnot. Afterwards I wanted to take some shots of my own so after a quick lunch at Fresco’s Fried Chicken, we headed towards Cooper’s Pond and the cemetery that is behind it. Because of the fantastic state of the lighting and her outfit, we decided to start in the cemetery where the magic happened.

For most of the shots, I stuck with my 50mm f/1.8 because it is such a great portrait lens. The bokeh that one can get is fantastic and the speed of the lens itself truly makes it one of my favorite lenses. I decided to really experiment in Photoshop a bit this time. I opted for using different color fills inside of a typical black one to create interesting tones that I feel really go along with the overall mood of the shoot.  Here are 13 of my favorite photos from the shoot, scaled down a bit for space.

This is my favorite photo from the shoot. Everything about it makes me glisten and squee with joy.

I hope you all have enjoyed this update from my first shoot of 2012! I had a blast shooting and editing these photos!


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